Academy Awards 2014

It's raining here in LA. Quite a hefty bit, actually. Traffic is (more) awful (than usual), streets are flooding, I almost got struck by's been a pretty exciting couple of days.

Most of the people I've talked to are stoked about the rain, because it means greener plants and less wildfires (plus it's just nice to get a break from all that damn sunshine), but I'd wager that the organizers of the Academy Awards aren't incredibly happy about the timing of this pesky little thing I believe is known as weather (pronunciation: \ˈwe-thər\). I've gone to check out the setup for the Academy Awards both years I've lived here (20122013 - last year I even brought Domo along), and this year they seemed to be a bit behind schedule; either that or they had set up most of their equipment somewhere else to avoid getting it wet. Everything was covered by tarps or tents, and lots of sexy ponchos and umbrellas were present as well.

I enjoy walking around the Dolby Theatre the week before the Oscars. Usually Hollywood is a bit of a pit - lots of trash, lots of people wearing dirty costumes trying to get your money, lots of cheap souvenir shops - but when the red carpet is rolled out, a little bit of the glamour returns. The public is allowed to walk along the red carpet (covered by a sheet of plastic, of course) until the day before the ceremony, so it's fun chance for us Normals to get an idea of what the celebrities see as they're walking into the theater.

It's also cool to get a behind the scenes glimpse of what goes into making the Academy Awards happen. Hint: a LOT goes into an event like this. The stars might be the ones appearing on camera, but behind every awards show are a couple hundred people who set up, clean, build, fix, operate, implement, and a whole bunch of other verbs to make everything run smoothly. I like watching them work, because they're the ones that actually make Hollywood happen. Without them, there would be no awards shows, no parties, no events of any kind. Much love, my fellow underlings.

But I digress. I'm looking forward to watching the Oscars tomorrow - this year I even get to watch the  red carpet coverage, because I have cable for the first time ever. It's still weird to me that I live only two miles from where it's all happening; so many fancy celebrities in one place at one time, and a few of blocks over, me in my sweatpants on the futon getting drunk on cheap wine with a remote control in my hand. Worlds collide. Ah, the glamorous life I lead.

Happy Oscars!

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