Exploration: Mono Lake

In the middle of my quick solo trip to to the mountains, I followed my GPS to the tiny town of Lee Vining and its main draw: Mono Lake. Mark Twain described Mono Lake as "[a] lonely tenant of the loneliest spot on earth...little graced with the picturesque". The loneliness factor I will agree with. As far as whether or not it's picturesque...agree to disagree, Mr. Twain. Respectfully, of course. 

I'm switching up the order of things, here, but I figured it made more sense to mash all of the Mono Lake pictures together in one post. One week after I took my solo trip, I brought Toby back up to the area to show him my new obsession. We wandered around the same mountain roads and took in the same vistas as I had when I was alone, and Mono Lake was a necessary stop along the way. Someday I would love to spend a good chunk of time in this area and milk it for all it's worth.  A few short hours just isn't enough to take it all in.