The Rasmussens Do LA

Why do the best weekends always go by so fast? I had been looking forward to our friends John and Lauren visiting for months, and then they came, and now they're gone, and it barely even feels like it happened. At least I have the pictures to prove it. 

I'm down to about a handful of reasons that I find myself being homesick for Minneosta, and the Rasmussens are one of those reasons. Toby took two days off from a crazy month of work, so it was just the four of us for four days, driving around to all areas of the city, joking and laughing, eating well and exploring. The best part about their visit is that John and Lauren came armed with a list of places they wanted to see, most of which Toby and I had never even heard of. We ventured downtown, saw all sorts of cute shops and studios in Venice and Mid-City, and still managed to do all of the usual activities - Malibu, The Grove, Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon. 

And, of course, Toby and I spent the whole time campaigning for them to move out here. I think we made some progress...two years, you guys, two years. =]

It was a rejuvenating handful of days for all of us; Toby got a break from work, the Rasmussens got a vacation, and I was able to see the city with fresh eyes, which is something I've been needing lately, as I've entered into a mild slump. Now it's time to hit the ground running and churn shit out.