Married by Lunchtime: Lindsay + Aaron

I experienced several moments during my morning with Aaron and Lindsay when I just wanted to hug both of them. Lindsay and I played lacrosse together in high school and have been in touch via the internet for the past few years, each watching and commenting on the other's travels around the country and world. When Lindsay sent me an email saying that she and Aaron were planning to elope to our shared hometown, just a couple of months after I moved back, I knew it was meant to be. They had a small ceremony by the river, and then we journeyed all over the Stillwater area, tromping through meadows, reading books, and eating ice cream. And the best part: by the time we were all done, it was only noon, and they had the whole day to spend time with Lindsay's family; I'm sure the relaxation was much needed, because their next few weeks consisted of traveling to visit more family in Michigan, then to their honeymoon Iceland, and then separately back to their current homes in Serbia (Lindsay) and Peru (Aaron) (seriously, where can I get me some of their life?). The whole day was beautiful and simple and fun, and I left feeling like we were all BFFs (also, I got an offer to come stay with them wherever in the world they happen to be, an offer I am most certainly going to cash in on). Lindsay and Aaron, I'm SO glad you got in touch with me, and I'm excited to finally be able to share your photos! Congratulations, you guys!