Luca is Three!

My bestie Luca turned three this summer, and her birthday party was the cutest thing ever. Like really, truly, the cutest. Even cuter than last year. I didn't know it was possible for so many adorable little children to be in the same place at the same time. The party theme was hoedown, which basically meant that Luca dressed up like a little cowgirl and melted everyone's hearts. The community that her parents, John and Lauren, have built in their little Wisconsin town is amazing - so many friends and family coming together to celebrate. I love the joy that these gatherings bring, and it makes me feel lucky to be a part of their lives, one of the many souls they draw in with their warmth and love. Luca is one lucky little girl to have these people surrounding her. Bonus points if you can spot when we started singing happy birthday to Luca and she was NOT feeling it. It's so fun watching her personality unfold as she grows. I love you, Luca-lu!