Last week, I was in Iceland.

westfjords iceland cabin

On trips like this one, I get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the beauty, overwhelmed by how much more I want to see, and overwhelmed by just how the hell I'm going to encapsulate the entire experience in a few blog posts, to make them palatable for consumption for people who didn't share in the journey. If I didn't cut it up into bite-sized chunks, there'd have to be some kind of combination picture book/novel worked out, including my innermost thoughts, and trust me: you don't want me to go there. 

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I'm in the midst of editing photos and adjusting to being home (hello, jet lag!) - it continues to blow my friggin' mind that one day you can be on an island near the Arctic Circle with the wind whipping your face staring at giant waterfalls, and mere hours later you are in your bed watching the rain fall outside, and everything is green, green, green, and it's so humid that you feel like you're in a tropical rainforest. The power of flight, my friends. 

I figured I'd share just a couple snapshots from the first few days of our trip - we hopped off the plane in Reykjavík and immediately jumped into a rental car and began the long trek up to Ísafjörður, in the Westfjords.

I'm about to start writing paragraphs about how amazing it was, so I'll just stop myself right there and save it for the actual post. 

westfjords iceland

So. Many. Photos. To. Come. Just as soon as I finish going through all of them...I took about 2000 total, and I'm down to under 1000, so that's a start, right? Slowly but surely. 

isafjordur iceland westfjords

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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