The Light

I am the kind of person that advertisements and television shows were made for. Insert the right song, no matter how bad the acting or how silly the sentiment, and I'm hooked. 

Scandal is the perfect example. It is pure, unadulterated, shameless soap opera, and I sit on the futon, glass of red wine in hand à la Olivia Pope, and I enjoy every damn shallow second of it.

It has also made me cry more than any show since The O.C. (don't you dare judge me). Fitz and Olivia, man...apparently I'm drawn to doomed love affairs. I want those crazy kids to work it out so badly that it physically hurts sometimes. And when their song^^^, The Light, by The Album Leaf, starts playing, well...I'm a goner. I can't help myself; it's just so tragic. They love each other, but the timing is off, has always been off, there's always something getting in their way, and will they ever make it to that house in Vermont where they can make syrup or jam or whatever and have lots of babies and be happy forever?! 

I sound like I'm kidding right now, but I'm dead serious.