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Hi! My name is Rachel Jackson. I'm a natural light photographer who loves to do all things outdoors, in the fresh air. I've been photography-ing since college, when I received my first fancy DSLR camera as a birthday gift from my parents. What started out as a hobby has grown into a beautiful business that has brought me on many adventures and given me the chance to meet countless authentic, wonderful people around the world. 

I am all about creating candid, spontaneous photos that capture real life as it happens. If you are someone who likes to go off-trail, walk through the weeds, get a little dirt on your hands, and appreciates the art of a funny face, then I'm your girl. I want to represent you, your family, your baby, your dog, your home, and your special occasion as they actually are, so that years from now you can look back on your photos and remember that crazy face your son made when he was just learning to smile, or your daughter's love of digging in the mud and getting it all over herself, or your family's out-of-control tickle fights. I capture the laughter & the tears, the love & the joy. Imperfections and flaws are more than welcome: they are required. Come as you are.

What To Expect

There's not a lot you'll need to do before the session! We'll pick a time and place, and figure out any details pertinent to your particular session. For most types of sessions (excluding newborns or events), I suggest that we also plan an activity or two to do with your family/kids/significant other during the session, because the more fun everyone is having, the more natural and candid the photos will be! Does your family like to tell jokes? Play tag? Do you and your fiancé like to go hiking, or pack a picnic lunch to eat in a park? Are there any games that you love to play? Anything that takes your focus away from the camera and onto each other and having fun.

I like to take photos that are as candid and unplanned as possible. We can definitely do some standard portraits, since I know those are nice to have, but overall we'll just be hanging out. We'll do the pre-planned activities we figured out before the session, and we'll walk, talk, laugh, and play. My best photos happen when you can pretend like I'm not even there. 

It will take about 2 weeks for me to edit your photos - this is subject to change based on how many sessions I have in a month, and how busy my regular work schedule is (photography is still a part-time job for me). I will upload the photos to Dropbox (an online file storage website) and share the link with you. After that, you will have full access to download the photos, as well as share the link with anyone else who wants it. You will also have full printing rights - if you have any issues with this, let me know, and I can write you an email giving you permission. 


Hiking Session - $400
New this year! Want to get outside with the fam and take some photos of you trekking around your favorite park? Let’s go hiking.

Solo Session - $50

$300 Session
Recommended for: families of 3+, engagements, newborns. Includes a set of fully-edited, high-resolution digital files sent to you electronically, and full printing rights. General time frame is between 1 and 2 hours; the length of the session is flexible based on unpredictable factors: if someone gets crabby, or if we need to take a break or go somewhere else because of weather, etc. 

$200 Session
Recommended for: families of 2-3, senior portraits. General time frame is 30 minutes to 1 hour. Includes a set of fully-edited, high-resolution digital files sent to you electronically, and full printing rights.

Events - $500
Includes 3 hours of photography, a set of fully-edited, high-resolution digital files sent to you electronically, and full printing rights. 

My friends Sarah Slick and Cameron Brainard are currently taking the lead on bookings and scheduling for weddings. All of the weddings I've shot have been done as a team with them, and we have a very similar aesthetic and vision; I've recently cut down on the amount of weddings I shoot, but do still occasionally work with them as a second shooter. For info about wedding packages & pricing, contact


Q: Do you sell gift cards?
A: Yes I do! Contact me and I can send you a digital certificate (of any amount) to print out and give to your friends and family. 

Q: What is your bad weather policy?
A: If it's raining/storming or too windy, the session will be rescheduled at no extra cost. During the winter, cold is an applicable reason to reschedule as well, although I try to not cancel unless the temperature has dropped to ridiculously low numbers. If there's a chance of rain, and it's cloudy and gloomy, the show must go on - cloudy days are actually the best for beautiful photos! 

Q: Is there anything I should or should not wear?
A: DO wear clothes. =] Try to avoid bright neon colors; they reflect onto your skin and are incredibly hard to edit out later. Otherwise, wear clothes you are comfortable in! If you buy a new outfit for the session, but haven't given it a test run yet, you might end up fidgeting or looking uncomfortable in your photos. I'd suggest wearing an outfit that makes you feel beautiful, or that you already know gives you a little extra bounce in your step; those underlying emotions will show through in your pictures. 

Q: Do you do any extra editing after you send us our digital files?
A: When editing photos, I try to keep them as natural as possible - I will usually edit out minor things, such as zits or scratches, but in general, I like my photos to be a completely honest and natural representation of how you and your family look at that exact moment in time. If there are any extra requests you have after viewing your edited photos, I am definitely willing to take some more time to work on them! Depending on how long I think the edits are going to take, I might charge a small fee for my time; if it's something as simple as spot removal on a couple of photos, I will do it for free, but if you have many photos you would like edited, or a flaw you would like removed in every single photo of a particular person, that will take some extra time 

Q: Do you help with ordering prints?
A: If you have any questions about ordering prints, please feel free to ask me! I have some recommendations of print shops I work with regularly. I can also do the print ordering for you, for which I will charge an additional $25 (for my time) + the cost of the prints.