Baby Bump Lenczewski

Are you guys ready for #allthephotos? This was a reeeaaal hard session to whittle down into a blog post, so I gave up. The result is way more pictures than I usually post, but I'm just gonna say you're welcome, because a glowing mama + adorable family + golden hour is pretty much the perfect formula for the best kinds of sessions. I love the realness these guys exude - the laughter and the silliness. Bonus points if you can spot the moment when, after a few minutes of wandering on her own, Addie walked up to her parents and handed them "popcorn", which turned out to be goose poop. That's the kind of shit I love taking pictures of. Literally. And can we talk about Jaime and her radiance, her perfect bump? This was so much fun. I can't wait to meet family member #4. So happy for you guys. <3