Butterbrodt Family

I am loving this season's extension of cold weather sessions, despite the biting cold that has come our way! This past year has brought me a slew of new friends with beautiful families, and the Butterbrodts are no exception. Angie and I started working together this summer, and after hearing their names for so many months, it was fun to finally meet her husband and two daughters. We divided our time between outdoors and indoors, because a good warm-up-and-put-candy-on-gingerbread-houses sesh was necessary after hanging out in the snow. As you'll see, there was no shortage of cuteness, and after we were done with pictures, the girls got to escape the adults, and the adults got to hang out with a bottle of wine and chat about life, a family photo tradition I could get used to. Thanks for a lovely session, Butterbrodts!