Grindberg Family

Is there anything better than a sleepy baby? Cece lasted through the first bit of our photo session, giving some good smiles and checking out my camera lens, but then she started yawning and eventually gave in to slumber. This made for some really good snuggles pics, and while we managed to wake her up a couple times, she let us know she wasn’t feeling it, and conked right back out. I love the way her parents’ faces lit up as they gazed at her; their tenderness as they comforted her when she was feeling fussy. I also loved doing photos inside of the Union Depot! We decided not to do photos outside because of the unexpected cold (a theme that continued in my next few sessions), but we were able to find some great natural light by the large picture windows and in the connecting skyways. Thanks for the St. Paul adventure, Grindbergs!