Harper Brittany

Nothing makes you more aware of time passing than your longest-standing friend having a baby, which is something I felt as I was taking photos of little Harper a couple weeks ago. Her mama, Bri, and I have been friends for literally my entire life - there is a picture of us taken in the hospital soon after I was born, lying together in a crib doing our newborn thing, and we and our families have spent lots of time together ever since. And now she has a little girl of her own. She and her husband, Ben, are already the sweetest parents, and a great little team. Harper was making good use of her lungs, and feeling all the emotions while we were hanging out, but that’s kind of what being a baby is all about, isn’t it? I love documenting both the tears and the wide-eyed stares; the angelic sleeping and gas-induced funny faces. I could sit and stare at babies for hours. Especially one this cute. Congratulations, Scott family. Lots of love to you all.