Schneider Family :: Denver, Colorado

Today on All Of My Friends Are Having Adorable Babies, I present Adam, Elise, and Lilah (oh and Waldo, don't forget Waldo)! One of the saddest parts of moving away from Los Angeles was leaving so many good friends behind. These guys were some of these friends, and with the exception of flying out to photograph their wedding, I hadn't seen them in at least three years; they moved to Denver about a year ago, and I was finally able to make a (far too brief) trip there to hang out with them and meet their newest edition, the squishy, soulful little Lilah Nectar. I'm not sure I'll ever get over how much I love watching my friends become parents. She is the perfect mix of both of them, and was the perfect little companion as we caught up over coffee and spent time at a brewery in Golden. And then, the perfect Colorado sunset led to a beautiful family session at a park near their house, capping off a wonderful day. I love Adam and Elise for their humor and kindness - they let me live at their place in LA for a week, post-breakup and pre-move-back-to-Minnesota - and I can't wait to watch as Lilah grows to embody those qualities and more. Also, Waldo Darcy Schneider. Let's just say he enjoyed himself thoroughly during this session, and cared not one bit that the light was perfect and we were trying to take pretty pictures. I strongly encourage you to click on the photos of him below and be entertained. Thanks for hosting me, Schneiders. See you again soon!