Solo: Kelly

I’ve had this idea percolating for a while (so. many. ideas. always. percolating.) about taking photos of people just because. No special occasion, no engagement or wedding or anniversary or birthday or pregnancy or newborn or whatever, just…photos of people being themselves at a certain point in life, in a place they love, or doing an activity they enjoy. Photos that simply celebrate the joy of life being lived.

The concept for this series originally came about because of the many discussions I’ve had with other single friends about how so many of the celebrations happening during this time of life are centered around the events that our society considers to be milestones, like marriage and babies. It’s not that those life moments aren’t important, but what about the rest of us, taking a different path or living life on a different timeline than the rest of our peers?

I was especially interested in representing All The Single Ladies, who are living their own fascinating and rich lives, with many achievements of their own worthy of documenting. My friends and I have jokingly talked about celebrating No Bun in the Oven Day for those women who are purposefully choosing not to procreate, or throwing Moving Parties and creating registries for people to buy gifts simply because we’re buying a house for the first time, or moving to a new state, even if that move isn’t coupled with a significant other or a change in marital status.

My thinking on this series has changed a bit in the past few months; while I’d still like the main focus to be all of the above, I am also loving the idea of sessions with anyone on their own, taking some space to document themselves as human beings independent of kids, or spouses, or any other labels they have taken on. I’m really interested in giving people of all gender identities, ages, and statuses in life the opportunity to express and celebrate themselves for the beautiful human beings they are. Because we all deserve to have beautiful photos of ourselves, regardless of whether or not there is a special occasion.


Last fall, I visited my friend Kelly in San Francisco, and talked her into going to the beach so that I could take some photos of her looking beautiful at sunset. She was the loveliest guinea pig for this solo series. I love Kelly’s confidence and independence; her sense of compassion and fierce belief in women’s rights and everyone following their own path make me feel consistently lucky to be her friend. Plus, she’s kind of a weirdo. I’m only friends with weirdos. Love ya, Kel.