Swanson Family

I've been taking photos of the Swansons for a handful of years now, starting way back when Zinnia was just a tiny little thing (it kind of blew my mind to look at those photos!). It is so cool to watch as children and families grow, especially when that growth happens in such a special way. This year, the Swansons added two adorable members to their family (click here to read more about their adoption journey). Aashish and Shivani are full of energy and love, and are zero percent camera shy, which was just an extra perk for me. The love in this family is a tangible, palpable thing, and it was a joy and an honor to be the one to take their first official family photos together. It is because of people like these guys that family photography is my favorite. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Many Faces of Aashish as you scroll along - I laugh-snorted more than once while editing these photos. Thanks for another amazing session, Swansons!